Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Classmate Bio: Janelle (Griggs) McMurray

Hello everyone! The past 10 years have gone by quickly and I am excited to see everyone again at the reunion. After graduation I moved to Provo and attended UVSC and got my associates degree in generals in 2000 with an emphasis on Education. Then I transferred to BYU and got my bachelor’s degree in Marriage, Family and Human Development in 2001. I moved back to SLC and got a job as an administrative assistant for Management Recruiters of SLC.
I met my husband Justin McMurray through Debbie Ashton Jorgensen’s older sister and we were friends for a few years before dating. We started dating in the fall of 2002 and were married June 7, 2003. In October 2004, Justin got into a systems engineering program with his work (Northrop Grumman) and we traveled the country for 2 years. We first moved to Orlando and lived there for 6 months and I worked as a temp and went to Disneyworld 13 times! I absolutely loved living there. Then we were transferred to New Orleans and lived there until Hurricane Katrina came through and we evacuated to Austin, TX to stay with Justin’s sister. When we realized we couldn’t go back for a while, we flew home to Utah for 5 weeks and I never ended up going back. Justin went back to New Orleans for a day to get our stuff (our apt ended up being fine) and then we moved to Fairfax, VA near Washington D.C. We enjoyed touring D.C. nearly every weekend and had our first baby boy Tim in April 2006. We moved back to Utah in September 2006 and bought a house in Syracuse, UT where we currently live.
Justin still works for Northrop Grumman in Clearfield and is planning to attend BYU’s executive MBA program this fall held in SLC. I also went to school online while traveling and having kids and got my MBA in Human Resource Management from Walden University finishing up in November 2007. We welcomed our second child, Allison in February 2008 and we are enjoying living back in Utah with family nearby. We have a family blog at See you all soon!

Janelle Griggs McMurray

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